Stephen Morrell, is the CEO of Elaitra, and with his co-founder, Michael Hutel, developed the technology ViewFinder: a GPS for 3D medical images, which improves the quality of breast cancer detection, and relieves the current bottleneck in diagnosis. He applied to the CTA programme – seeing it as a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and make relevant introductions for the company’s progression. Additionally, he knew the CEO of Capital Enterprise, John Spindler, by reputation and saw that “the programme and those running it were of high quality.” 

Elaitra has already received regulatory approval from MHRA, and as one of the seven companies selected for phase II of the CTA programme, received £70,000 in grant funding. He hopes that this will allow the company to progress further in clinical approval and proof of concept. By the CTA Demo Day, in July 2022, he hopes to have gained a paying client in the UK, and in the next five years he hopes to demonstrate an entry point in an AI-enabled suite of breast cancer detection. 

Speaking about his experience of the programme, Stephen comments “the programme was extremely helpful! The content was applicable and extensive, and connected hidden knowledge areas together in short presentations which were distilled and relevant.” 

Whilst we are not accepting applications for the Cancer Tech Accelerator 2022, you can register your interest for the programme now: